Jet Diffuser

LE Jet Diffuser is designed for supply air application in large areas to handle high air flow rates. It is fully adjustable to provide air deflection of 30L by moving the core through an arc.


The jet diffuser constructed from aluminium. Jet diffuser is circular in shapes with removeable cone at the centre. Easy adjustment by swinging them to specific angles to achieved the air floww. The inner cone is easy to mount and can be connected with volume control damper.


  • High velocity spot cooling
  • Suitable for high ceiling areas such as sport centre industrial area and theatres
  • Square frame are also available

Jet Diffuser Physical Dimension

Jet Nozzle Installation

Jet Diffuser  Technical Data

Data Notes :

Throw vakues are provided for terminal velocity of 100 fpm.
Throw vakues are provided for isothermal conditions.
NC vakues are based on octave band 2-7 sound power levels minus a room absortion of 10dB.
Each NC vakue represents the noise criteria curve which will not be exceeded by the sound pressure in any of the octave bands, second through seventh, with a room absorption of 10dB, re 10 (power-12) watts.
All pressures are provided in inches of water.