Louvre Return Grille

LE air louvres are designed for full range of vendilation application. They can be fixed to indoor and outdoor used by means of weather proof louvred. Fixed blade air louvred is designed for return and exhaust air at the 45 degrees blade angles positioned. In conjuction with LE air louvres also application for fresh air intake.


It is available in mild steel and aluminium natural anodized with baked enamel finished. The 45 degrees blade angle designed are compromising air flow, pressure drop and sight-proof. Lovred blades with return bends at its uppers edge with effectively prevent the back-flow in raining weather..


  • the 45 degrees blade angle designed to be sight-proof
  • uppers edge with return bends to prevent the back flow water leakage
  • architectural decorative cladding in any shape or size

Louvre Return Grille

Louvre Return Grille

Louvre Return grille - Medium Blade (Removeable)

Round Louvre Return Grille